Burglar Alarms

If your looking to protect a business premises or a residential property, Innovate Security Ltd has the right intruder alarm system for you.

Home Alarm Systems

We always design our alarm systems to suit our customers needs, whether you require a basic domestic system for a bungalow, or a premium, monitored system for a larger property, we can help, keeping your property safe and secure.

Business Alarm Systems

A monitored business alarm system can automatically notify key holder’s in the event of a break in. Also intruders are less likely to enter a property if they are aware that it is protected with a 24/7 monitored alarm system.

  • Wireless House Alarm
    Small Residential System

  • £449+ Vat

  • Install Includes
    Wireless Control Panel
    2 Motion Sensors
    Wireless external siren
    1 Door Sensor
    2 Radio keyfobs
    Telephone Line Connection

  • Full Installation and 12 months warranty included.
  • Premium wireless alarm
    Large Residential System

  • £795+ Vat

  • Install Includes
    Wireless control panel
    3 Motion sensors
    Door sensor
    Wireless external siren
    Wireless internal siren
    2 Prox tags
    App connectivity

  • Full installation and 12 months warranty included.
  • Wired alarm system
    Panel change

  • £375+Vat

  • Install Includes -
    Replacement control panel
    Remote keypad
    New 7ah battery
    programming / configuration

  • Full Installation and 12 months warranty included.
  • Commercial Alarm
    Wired alarm install

  • £POA

  • Install Includes -
    Commercial grade alarm panel
    Remote keypads
    Required motion sensors
    Phone line connection

  • Full Installation and 12 months warranty included.

Wired Alarms

A  “wired” alarm is simply an alarm system which require cabling to connect all the different system devices . Wired alarms are the most reliable type of alarm, but some customers – especially home owners do not like cables running around their property.

Wireless Alarms

A “wireless  alarm” is quite simply a burglar alarm which uses no wires or cables, instead all the system devices use radio signals to communicate with each other, the sensors are battery powered and require occasional servicing.

At Innovate Security LTD we have nearly 15 years experience in this field, having installed countless systems in all manner of locations from basic video intercoms in private apartments through to highly complex computer controlled access control systems on large commercial premises. We have knowledge and experience to design, install and maintain any system that our customers may require.

Call now and we can install your alarm within 48 hours

One of our expert alarm installation engineers will either  come to your property or discuss your requirements over the phone, then provide you with a free, no obligation quote. We always give the best advice as to what system should be installed, we only install the most reliable and easy to user intruder alarm brands.

All of our Domestic and Commercial Intruder Systems comply with the relevant European and British Standards for Intruder Alarm Systems (BS EN50131, PD6662:2010 and DD243:2010) and are compliant with the Association of British Insurers (ABI) codes of practice.

Bells only alarms

A “bells only” burglar alarm is simply an alarm system which uses 1 or more sensors such as a motion sensor (PIR) to detect an intruder, then the alarm system simply triggers a loud bell or siren which should scare off any intruders and notify anyone nearby. These systems are the cheapest and most common type of system. There are no monthly fees or costs for this type of system.

Monitored alarms

A monitored alarm system is a higher grade of intruder alarm which connects to a phone line, in the event of a break-in, the alarm system will not only sound the system siren, but also dial-out to a 24/7 manned monitoring station, who intern contact the police or a designated keyholder. These system usually have an extra setup and monthly charge involved.