Electric gate London

Electric Gate London

London is home to the rich and famous and is known as the business and social hub of the western world. The famous River Thames snakes its way through the heart of the city while the London Eye offers amazing views over the city and beyond.

Any homeowner or business owner, they will want their property to remain secure. While there are many things that can be done to enhance security such as installing CCTV, Alarms and surveillance systems there is also an additional feature that can be added that will further improve security.

At Innovate Security

We are able to offer an electric gate London installation service that will ensure that your property not only looks impressive but will also remain secure.

What we provide is a service that offers our customers the opportunity to have electric gates installed professionally by our highly skilled team. We have a vast experience of working in this industry and this is allowed us to develop a service that meets the needs of our clients.

Our team of installation specialists have the ability to install electric gates, working in a clean and efficient manner, resulting in minimal disruption for our clients. We work with our clients to listen to their needs and this enables us to offer advice on what products and systems will meet their requirements. This is an extremely important part of the process because the electric gates have to serve a number of purposes and this means that we have to get it right.

Electric gates will provide clients with the peace of mind that they need, knowing that their property will benefit from additional level of security. Electric gates involve an automatic system that puts the clients in control of how and when the gates are opened and closed. This means that people will not be able to access the property through the gates unless they are opened by the owner, further improving the security.

We use the very best manufacturers and systems and this enables us to guarantee quality and reliability. Whether clients require electric gates that slide or electric gates that open inwards or outwards, we have it all covered. We only use products that we trust and that means that clients can have complete faith in the work that we carry out.

Many of our clients have recommended us to friends, family and colleagues because of our excellent reputation. This is important to us because it proves that our service is honest and professional and that is what we always aim to achieve.

As a company we are constantly growing and evolving as we attempt to offer our clients a service that cannot be matched. Security is a huge priority for us and if we can help our clients to feel safe while also having an electric gate system that looks smart and offers complete satisfaction, then we know we are doing something right.

To find out more about our electric gate installation service give us a call in 01245 898390 or email us at info@Innovatesecurity.com.

Innovate Security Camsafe Installer
Innovate Security Camsafe
Premier Aware Gate Installer

Innovate security ltd are proud to announce that we are now certified by CAME – Europe’s largest electric gate manufacturer – to safely install and maintain all types of automatic gates, doors and barriers.

Health and Safety Requirements

After two fatal accidents involving electrically powered gates in 2010, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) published three Safety Notices informing gate manufacturers, installers, facility managers and landlords of property with powered perimeter gates about their responsibilities concerning gate safety. With regard to force limitation and testing it says:

  • All designers and installers of electrically powered gates should ensure that the forces generated by a gate when meeting a person or an obstacle are limited and that they do not exceed the values specified in Annex A of BS EN 12453:2001.
  • These forces should be measured in accordance with BS EN 12445:2001. “Industrial commercial and garage doors and gates”. Forces should be periodically re-measured and checked as part of the planned preventative maintenance schedule for the gates.

Gate Repairs

We provide expert repairs for damaged or faulty gates. We have expert knowledge and experience of repairing all manner of gate automation motors and systems.

Force Testing

All electric gates and barriers must be tested to ensure  all forces are within the safe parameters of the machinery directives. Once fully tested, we would then issue a PDF certificate showing all results.