Wooden Gates

Wooden gates for the driveway and garden: beautiful, traditional and strong

Wooden garden gates and wooden driveway gates make great security features for any property. Wooden gates are very popular with customers because they are:

  • Very strong and durable, enough to even rival a metal gate.
  • Stunningly aesthetic, making a property look beautiful as well as secure — especially when coordinated with matching wooden gate posts and fencing.
  • Natural barriers. One of the great dual functions of a wooden gate is that they cannot easily be seen through. This affords greater privacy and security to a property.
  • Protected against rot, insects, and decay. Timber gates can be dip and pressure treated, giving them greater durability and longevity.
  • Available in traditional, yet sturdy, designs — including arched, square, and trellis features: a creative and attractive way to maximise privacy and security.
  • Available in hardwood and softwood.

Bespoke hardwood & softwood gates manufactured to any design

Hardwood is typically denser than softwood, but that does not necessarily mean that softwood is weaker than hardwood. Both a hardwood gate and a softwood gate will be more than adequate for effective security protection.

Softwood grows quicker and tends to be more economical and cheaper. So those looking for cheaper wooden gates should consider softwood. Examples of softwood include pine and Siberian larch. Siberian larch, for example, is extremely hard, and is recognised as one of the toughest softwoods in the world.

Hardwoods include iroko wood and European oak. They are often darker in colour than softwoods and — because they are denser — usually more resistant to dents and scratches.

As with all our other gates, our wooden gates are available as either swing gates or sliding gates, and with a variety of modern and classic designs to choose from. We can manufacture bespoke gates and wooden gate posts for any desired height and width, and to any design. At Innovate Security we recommend a timber gate constructed in hardwood, with a steel frame for the best of both worlds: beautiful aesthetics, with a durability and security that will last a lifetime.

Choose your design, colour and finish, we'll do the rest.

All of our timber gates are custom built by craftsman using your choice of hardwood or softwood and in a wide variety of colour stains and finishes.

We recommend that your timber gate is constructed in a hardwood, such as iroka and built within a steel frame to ensure that your gate lasts a lifetime.

Fully accredited and certified GateSafe and CAME wooden gates

All of our gates are certified to comply with all of the relevant regulations – including EN 12453, EN 12445, EN 12604, EN 60204-1, and EN 12605 — meaning they are designed, installed, tested, and fully accredited to the highest of standards.

Choose from dozens of designs.

sliding (Custom)
IMG_4371 1 (Custom)
field gate (Custom)
bow top (Custom)
wood5 (Custom)